#Sponsored #NatraCure Arthritis Mittens Review

DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post. I was provided with a pair of NatraCure Arthritis Mittens in exchange for a fair and honest review of the product. More information regarding my policy can be found in my Disclosure Policy.

      It rained the entire weekend and it’s still raining today. It’s been raining alot here lately.

      I write a lot about ways to cope with chronic illness on this blog. Tips, things I do to make my life easier, challenges I face as a young woman with chronic illness, and much more. What I don’t talk about is what it actually feel likes to go through a flare.

      When it rains, a weather system moves through, or just because my immune system decides that it’s a good day to act up, my joints hurt. I feel pain in a lot of places – my hips, shoulders, back, elbows, ankles or feet. Where I feel the most amount of pain is my hands and wrists. The joints and bones in my hands always act up more than any other body part. Unfortunately, it’s usually difficult to soothe the pain and soreness in my hands once it has already started.

      The medications I take do help. A heating blanket helps for my hips, shoulders and back…but it’s difficult to wrap my hands up in a heating blanket. Sometimes what I really want is something to enclose my hands entirely, something warm and soothing.

      I was delighted when NatraCure reached out to me on Twitter. In exchange for a fair and honest review, I was supplied with a pair of their NatraCure Arthritis Mittens.

natracure arthritis mittens

      The NatraCure Arthritis Mittens are incredibly easy to use. I did read the sheet of instructions that came with them, which seems to cover everything from how to use them to what you should and shouldn’t do with them. The mittens feature blue stars on each side that will turn red after you warm them in the microwave. My microwave heats food very quickly, so 30 seconds (15 seconds for each mitten) sufficiently warmed my mittens. After I heated them, I rubbed the mittens for a minute or two to distribute the heat throughout. In no time at all, they were ready to be used!

      The mittens themselves are very comfortable, warm and large enough that they also hug my wrists. They’re lined with a moist interior that includes several different types of oils to soothe hands. When I removed my hands after approximately 30 minutes of use, my hands were very soft and moisturized. 

     I’m very pleased with how great these mittens felt on my hands! I look forward to using them next time.

To find out more information about the NatraCure Arthritis Mittens, be sure to check out their product page, where you can also purchase your own pair. More information about their entire line of products can be found at the NatraCure website.

DISCLAIMER: All opinions expressed in this post are personal opinions. They are not intended to take the place of medical advice. If you have any questions regarding whether or not it is safe for you to use this product or any other product that I review on my blog, please seek the advice of a medical doctor.

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