My Favorite Budget-Friendly Farmhouse Wreaths on #Affiliate

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I don’t know about you, but I love the look of farmhouse wreaths. Whether they’re hanging above my mantel or on my front door for my whole neighborhood to see, I think the farmhouse style looks great just about anywhere.

I decided to put together a list of my favorite farmhouse wreaths that are available at Amazon. From cotton ball wreaths to grapevine wreaths to boxwood wreaths, there’s something here to represent almost any aspect of farmhouse home decor. They also fit just about any budget!

Without any further chatter from me, let’s look at eleven of my favorite farmhouse wreaths at

1. Mills Floral Boxwood Country Manor Round Wreath

I love the look of boxwood wreaths. They’re perfect for spring or summer decor, especially St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, but I could also see these being spruced up with the right ribbon and bows for autumn and winter use. They’re so versatile!

2. Natural Grapevine Wreath

Growing up, I always thought that grapevine wreaths were what all wreaths looked like, because they were the only type of wreaths that my family used. My mother is especially skilled at decorating a plain old grapevine wreath with just a glue gun, ribbon and some faux flowers. I love that these can provide such a rustic look with little effort or supplies. 

3. Farmhouse Full Cotton Ball Wreath

What’s a country farmhouse without an equally rustic looking cotton ball wreath? Such a simple way to add a touch of farmhouse without any effort at all.

4. Large Blooming Flower Wreath

This wreath is a bit more in line with the cottage style, but I think it would look adorable in a farmhouse, too. This is a cute way to add some feminine flair without having to paint or buy new furniture.

5. Nearly Natural Olive Wreath

This wreath looks like it could be used during every season of the year – which is my favorite kind of wreath! Add some faux flowers or neutral ribbon for spring and summer, and then remove them for fall and winter. Simply place it above a mantel, a decorative wall or front door for a touch of rustic farmhouse style.

6. Green Moss and Vine Spring Wreath

This wreath would be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. Used either alone or with added ribbon and faux flowers (or clover!) this would surely add plenty of rustic style to any space.

7. Nearly Natural Lavender Wreath

Lavender is one of my favorite herbs. I’ve honestly never thought about using it in a wreath, but I love the look of this wreath. What a great way to add a touch of spring color to a home.

8. Artificial White Rose Wreath

This wreath reminds me of a wedding bouquet, in part because of the beautiful faux flowers. This would look beautiful in a bedroom or living room space.

9. Preserved Boxwood Square Wreath

I love this square boxwood wreath. It would look wonderful with a few well-placed rustic wooden picture frames above a fireplace. I can also see this being a part of a decorative wall piece.

10. Medium Twig Wreath

I love how simple this twig wreath is. This would make a wonderful fall wreath to hang on the front door.

11. Silk Rose Heads Wine Red Door Wreath

And last but not least, a wreath with a touch of feminine style. I love that the greenery is also really visible in this wreath – it adds a touch of cottage style. This would look great anywhere, but I can mostly imagine it hanging in a bedroom or bathroom.

What are your favorite farmhouse wreaths? Share them with me in the comments!

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