Chronic Illness Bloggers: A Resource You Shouldn’t Miss!

DISCLOSURE: If you choose to submit an application to the network discussed below and are accepted, I may receive a small compensation (if) you include my blog name as a referral source on your application and (if) I refer the most amount of people to the network. While I am not required to include a disclaimer for this particular post, I am choosing to do so as per my disclosure policy.

chronic illness bloggers

Image Credit: Chronic Illness Bloggers

I have a wonderful resource that I would like to share with you all, especially those of you who blog about your own adventures with chronic illness. (Although I’m mainly directing this post at those who already have a blog, those who do not yet have a blog should definitely stash away this resource in their collection of blogging tools. You can never have too many!)

Chronic Illness Bloggers is an amazing source of blogging tips, community, and opportunities designed with bloggers with chronic illness(es) in mind. It’s not too often that one finds a blogging community full of such amazing members who are consistently and actively involved in the process of building a community and supporting one another.

While I haven’t been a member of the network for an extensive period of time, I have enjoyed the steady increase in traffic that occurred as a result of consistently participating in discussions on their Facebook page and having my blog content shared by other bloggers in my niche. It has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made for my blog.

You see, the increase in traffic has lead to a steady increase in affiliate and ad income. More traffic to my blog = more traffic to my affiliate links and Google ads = more successful monetization efforts. I have no regrets about joining this beneficial network. The benefits truly are endless, and best of all – it’s absolutely free to join! There are no fees or gimmicks – just  opportunities for those who want to grow their presence as a chronic illness blogger.

chronic illness bloggers

Image Credit: Chronic Illness Bloggers

Of course, increasing your traffic isn’t the only reason to join a blogging network (although it’s a perfectly acceptable reason). Here are some of the valuable resources and opportunities offered through Chronic Illness Bloggers for those who join:

  • Opportunities to instantly connect to and network with a community of bloggers focused on your niche (chronic illness).
  • Instant support that comes with access to a community of bloggers who share similar blogging objectives and goals.
  • The ability to display a badge on your site (look at my sidebar for an example) to let your readers and other bloggers know that you’re a member of the Chronic Illness Bloggers.
  • Access to an active Facebook Community in which members regularly interact with one another, share content, tips, resources and ask those very important blogging questions that we all have.
  • Various opportunities to increase your monetization efforts including participating in reviewing products, giveaways, frequent opportunities to sign up for sponsored posts (posts in which you receive a free product and in return, you agree to provide an honest review), advertising and even social media campaigns!

If you’re as excited as I am about this amazing opportunity, feel free to check out Chronic Illness Bloggers now. Should you decide to join, don’t forget to mention on your application that Hannah @ Knittering In Appalachia referred you!

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