A Tip for Getting More Pinterest Followers

Today I want to share with you a small tip that I’ve recently implemented on my Pinterest account. I recently made a small change – more or less by accident, due to my tendency to ‘tinker’ with social media settings every now and again. I was surprised to find that by making one small change, I managed to not only increase the number of followers on my Pinterest boards, but also the number of repins, viewers and impressions.

(If you’re not sure what repins, viewers and impressions are, consider setting up a free Pinterest business account for your blog. It takes only a few minutes, and it’s completely free. The analytics page alone is worth the extra effort, because it provides useful information regarding interaction with your boards and pins.)

What did I do? Well, it’s pretty simple. Like, really simple.

I changed my Pinterest display name from “Knittering In Appalachia” to “Hannah @ Knittering In Appalachia”.

I debated with myself regarding whether or not I should include my name on my blog and social media accounts. On one hand, I am a pretty private person, which is part of the reason why I’ve delayed making this change for nearly two years. Using my first name implies (to me, at least) that I’m putting myself out there, which can be difficult as a blogger.

On the other hand, everything that I’ve read so far regarding blogging successfully has clearly pointed to yes, for many reasons. Readers (people) are typically drawn to personalized social media accounts and blogs. It can suggest openness, accountability, and maybe even trustworthiness. After all, isn’t it easier to trust the person who has their picture and name up on their blog, than a nameless, faceless being?

I tend to go with the latter belief. From the look of it, the seventy plus new followers on my Pinterest boards also agree.

Be sure to share your tips and tricks for getting new followers on social media by dropping me a comment in the box below. I hope to bring to you new tips soon about blogging successfully.

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