5 Free Resources You’re Probably Not Using

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Since starting this blog, I have been absolutely amazed by how many free resources exist for graphic designers and bloggers. This has been immensely helpful because, let’s face it, blogging ain’t cheap. After purchasing a new DSLR camera, software, books and dishing out for hosting fees – I’m left with light pockets, as I’m sure most new bloggers are. Don’t get me wrong – all of those purchases were necessary to start my blog – but it’s always nice to know where the free resources are at as well.

Although I have compiled mega lists of subject-specific resources (see here, here and here) I have ran across a couple of major resources that deserve a blog post of their own.


1. Creative Market

Creative Market features stock photography, graphics, templates, themes, fonts, brushes and other add-ons for graphic designers. Most of these resources require you to pay a fee to access them, but Creative Market also features a Free Goods section. This selection changes every week and can be anything from stock photography, watercolor brushes or even WordPress themes.

You do need an account to download any free goods, but it is very easy to do so (and also free). Be sure to check individual licenses to ensure the items you download can be used commercially.


2. Font Squirrel

You might already know about this one, but I didn’t. You can download free fonts to use for commercial use. Check the license before using it for any commercial projects, though – some of the fonts on their website were found on the web without any author. (All fonts that I have downloaded from Font Squirrel did have license info clearly listed, but it bears mentioning.)


3. Free Kindle Books

If you’re a Amazon Prime user and have a Kindle Reading App, you are probably missing out on free Kindle books that you could be reading. I mean absolutely free – no hidden fees, funky subscription services or anything. Just search for Kindle books in your niche, sort by price (choose lowest price to highest in the drop down) and download away!

Examples of books that I have downloaded for free include: crochet and knitting books, sewing patterns, sewing how-to, business and blogging books.


4. Free Adobe Add-ons

Similar to Creative Market, Adobe offers a number of free add-ons for Adobe programs. Adobe offers add-ons for (almost) anything you can think of. You can access these if you opt to take advantage of a free Adobe thirty day trial (see below).


5. Free Adobe Trials

If you’re debating whether or not to purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud plan, worry no more. You can download a free thirty-day trial of each Adobe program. Simply sign up for a free account with Adobe and download away. When your thirty days are up, you can purchase a plan that includes any programs you wish to use.

Some of the Adobe programs with free trials: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Muse, Flash Professional, Acrobat XI Pro and much, much more.


What are some free resources you like to use? Feel free to share your go-to resources in the comments!

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